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Teambuilding in the Metaverse in 2022 and beyond!

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We've had two disruptive years of events throughout the world. Hotels closed, groups unable to get together, social distancing etc have all put a stop to interacting with our colleagues and clients in person. Now in 2022 everything has opened up, and in doing so new possibilities to get back together are upon us. Over this period the new buzz word has become the Metaverse, the fully interactive virtual reality world of the future. A world that extends our own, via the engineers of Big Tech. So how exactly, after being so far apart for so long, will this new dawn of interaction effect the events industry?
The possibilities are pretty much endless; chat rooms, escape rooms, virtual treasure hunts, conferences, where to stop? But, then after 2 years of constant Zoom calls to bridge the rules imposed on businesses, do we really need another excuse to be separated in person? Only to use another screen to connect to us. As a business that specialises in people interacting, whether it be a simple team building exercise, organising a corporate retreat or a conference, we can see the possibilities and the rewards of virtual reality for communication. But, we also do think that in a post covid world, it is far better for now to meet in person. The various programmes we run, rely on human interaction; dining together, even cooking together with one of our popular cooking experiences, workshops designed around laughing at one and with another. Would a VR set be a suitable substitute for this level of interaction? I'm not so sure.
However, rest assured, we still won't let this reticence fully put us off! We offer several escapades into the first incarnations of the Metaverse. Our interactive mobile treasure hunts are a great way to explore anyone of the hotels we look after; The Chewton Glen, Cliveden House, Lygon Arms, No11 Cadogan Gardens or the Mayfair Townhouse. These aren't just limited to hotel grounds. Our treasure hunts can be tailored to the surroundings of your offices. Fully interactive, once you arrive at a "hotspot", GPS location, you will be asked about that specific locale. Always updating them so they are relevant and modernised. On top of this we work closely with our suppliers to create online escape rooms that can be entered via Teams and Zoom, which help your remote workers get back together. We are even putting together a virtual Wreath Making event to be broadcast to Atlanta, Milan, London and Paris!
So clearly, we have adopted the first incarnations of the Metaverse. However, we are still big believers in getting people interacting in person. We are after all, far better together!

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