Team Events 

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"
African Proverb

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Bringing your team together is more important than ever after a long time apart; reconnect, reengage and reenergise. Our extensive knowledge ensures that your objectives delivered. The secret of a successful team is to ensure everyone is on the same page working towards a collective goal. We apply this to our team on the ground, working on your event, working with you to succeed.


Our collection of team building events is tailor made and all about you. Walder Events takes great pride in not offering 

  "off the shelf" team building events. Everything we deliver is based around what you, the client, wants to achieve. Want a treasure hunt on a RIB, a segway challenge once you arrive on land before getting picked up in a helicopter that will deliver you to another venue to be taught Beatbox by a European Champion whilst being served champagne from a modified fire engine? 

Absolutely fine! Give us a call!  

This flexibility gives our clients the opportunity to try something new every time they work with us. Walder Events are consistently searching for new activities and experiences to share with our clients. This keeps us at the forefront of what makes a great team building adventure.