Virtual Events

"Virtual Reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was once a dream, and so were computers and smart phones!"
Mark Zuckerberg

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Walder Events are always striving to provide interesting and interactive team building events. Therefore anything that can get you out and about exploring the local area is the important part. Added to this is the ability to interact with your environment, and this is the impressive part. All of our treasure hunts can be uploaded onto your smart phone. This enables you to interact not just with your colleagues, but with environment your are based in. Each one of our interactive treasure hunts can be tailored to wherever your event is based. Using a series of GPS hotspots, your team will navigate themselves to various predetermined locations where a range of cerebral and physical challenges will await you. These challenges are also backed up with a series of photo and video challenges, codebreakers, memory tasks and riddles, that all gain you extra points! 

If you are struggling to get your team together offsite, we offer a series of interactive online team building events. We understand that Zoom fatigue may have settled in. But, please don't let that put you off, as our collection of online games will keep you and your  colleagues entertained throughout. These Zoom/Teams based events include interactive Escape Rooms, Team based quizzes, a Murder On The Orient Express inspired crime caper, a pirate treasure hunt, a game show based team building quiz. Plenty of options for you and your team to interact and enjoy yourselves from the comfort of your home office!